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Precision parts processing, choose the manufacturer of high precision

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-25
Many product designers have experience, drawing on the computer rendering is very high, but after precision parts processing production come out, but not that kind of ideal, in what also have no effect on the market. Therefore, any kind of products before open mold production, must pull to test, CNC machining parts drawings no problem confirmation for mass production, so that you can reduce the risk of product research and development, proofing can spend a few money first. In product proofing stage, must find precision parts processing precision is high. Because powerful manufacturer of mechanical parts are relatively advanced processing equipment, make the product accuracy is high, can get more accurate results, to help product designers on subsequent open mold production has great reference function. Such as general nc parts processing factory USES are two axis, three axis machining, precision may be at + 0. 01 mm to + 0. 02 mm or so, but there are five axis machine manufacturers, precision directly mentioned + 0. More than 5 mm. For customers in precision parts processing, the accuracy is higher, the product testing when the error will be smaller, this is the most ideal situation. For example, we have recently done a mechanical parts processing products, require multiple surface processing, and many holes, the requirement of accuracy is very high. Other nc parts processing factory shook his head at the sight of the drawings, know the customers find us. At that time, the customer in order to find suppliers, have to bear, but we let him see the hope. For five axis machine CNC parts processing plant, processing product of this difficult, actually not difficult also, and also in terms of accuracy reached the design requirements. So in the numerical control processing proofing, must choose the manufacturer of high precision, so as to help customers to present the ideal design effect, preempt the market to lay a solid foundation for subsequent product.
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