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Precision parts processing and unmanned ship

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-20
Intelligent precision parts processing area in ningbo has accumulated deep industry background, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is one of the representative. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), shooting from a folk enthusiasts to military use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer has made some achievements in this field. From the uav to the ship, the Chinese intelligent CNC parts processing technology research will further step by step, with foreign gap is getting smaller and smaller. In the first half of 2019, Norway Kang Shibo group ( 康斯贝格) For lolo completed commercial ship, 卷, Royce Commercial Marine) Acquisitions, lolo commercial ship officially become a part of the Kang Shibo. For the study of unmanned ship precision parts processing enterprises in China, the two vessels is not all strange processing enterprises. In 2018, Kang Shibo group announced the acquisition. Kang Shibo cooperation and lolo marks the birth of an era 'unmanned ship' giant, will usher in a new application of intelligent precision parts processing technology. At that time, Kang Shibo agreed with Rolls-Royce to buy lolo commercial business of the ship. Kang Shibo targets include Rolls-Royce subsidiary of Marine products, systems and after-sales service business, but not including Bergen Engines and Rolls-Royce Marine business. In the first half of this year, lolo separately issued a statement, obtained the relevant regulatory approval in the near future, after the deal has been done. Through acquisitions, Kang Shibo strengthened as the shipping industry technology suppliers. Intelligent ship giant, let China precision parts processing enterprises pressure, unmanned ship intelligent processing technology, must be the way of independent innovation, to seize the new victory of CNC machining parts.
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