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Precision parts processing and how to reduce the error?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-20
This week, I finally shipment tracking a precision parts processing list. STH over and over again for a long time, the list is finally completed. The mechanical parts processing after the Spring Festival this wave, years can finish is not easy, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory business will have a banner year again! In the process of the documentary, also let me the salesman grown up a lot. First of all, CNC machining parts must abide by the rules, because ningbo precision machining manufacturer rule is also in protecting the rights and interests of our salesman. Second, is in production must make clear requirements for reproduction, must note well the details on the production list. If customer return single, to do the old parts, drawings do not change, you can write on the production listing practices like the original, then production over there to see order number will be in accordance with the previous practice to do. If precision is high, and yield more cases, be sure to do a sample first. Also, if the customer the way modify parts processing drawings, be sure to tidy up all the details clear, to take the next step after approved by technology department, in this way can ningbo precision machinery processing factory few mistakes. In addition, communication is also a skill. The list of customers to estimate I is not very good communication, because I am a newcomer, to precision machining is not quite understand, I have been looking for my supervisor communicate directly, let me very hit. But from the competent communication with customers, also let I learned a lot, whether it's talking, or professional knowledge, I slowly accumulated in the process of work all need. Precision machinery parts processing salesman work, focusing on communication, the customer is always right, there is a problem only to find their own reasons. Colleagues have ability, I still need more study with their learning, believe under the guidance of the boss and colleagues, I can also become a senior salesman in the future.
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