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by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-28
Precision hardware parts processing belongs to is a very high degree of accuracy for the spare parts of the production process. In the process of processing and production of precision metal parts, must strictly control precision, ensure that qualified hardware zero. So what are precision metal parts processing process? 1, the first to be familiar with machining equipment, will see metal parts drawings: processing in order to be able to get the required precision hardware, before machining precision hardware, need to carefully check the hardware drawings, for processing precision hardware needed to the shape and size of the familiar with, and without question, in addition, you also need to be familiar with the hardware production equipment and facilities required for processing ( Knife, knife, measuring tool, fixture, etc. ) 2, according to the processing of hardware part for cutting: cutting blanking, is refers to the size of the according to the need of processing hardware and processing technology to select the appropriate specifications of metal materials. : 3, the processing precision hardware products processing precision hardware is under good material to be included in the processing equipment, based on the size of the precision parts processing, cutting raw materials. With accurate data and skilled processing experience to ensure the precision of the essence of five parts. 4, the need to do heat treatment parts, to consider the processing technological process, product accuracy is high, after heat treatment by grinding control accuracy, to ensure the availability of the products. 5, the surface of the metal parts processing, metal parts surface treatment is the processing good precision hardware surface grinding, polishing, spray or plating nickel, black, heavy, galvanized processing, such as surface finish. Oxidation products should pay attention to surface can't have a scar.
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