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Precision metal parts processing when the need to pay attention to? | | industry information

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-18
Precision metal parts processing when the need to pay attention to? Precision metal parts processing refers to some small diameter of the metal parts for processing, the precision hardware parts processing of materials, design drawings, etc are important, so in precision metal parts processing some matters need attention, otherwise it may cause the product the phenomenon such as scrap, so precision hardware parts processing need to pay attention to what? Here under the yuan to give you a simple introduction of precision manufacturing. Precision metal parts processing need to be aware of when items: 1, just said precision hardware parts processing is for some small diameter metal parts processing, so the design drawings of this product to be accurate, parts and components is a miss is as a mile, if the drawing is not accurate, may lead to produce parts can't use, so as to improve the cost of production. 2, when making metal parts processing, the operating personnel to maintain the correct posture, with plenty of spirit to cope with work must concentration when operating, it is strictly prohibited to gossip, mutual cooperation, operating personnel do not operating under state of irritability, fatigue. 3, check the movement part in front of the mechanical action is filling the oil, then start normal and check whether the clutch, brake, and 1 - machine idle running 3 minutes, mechanical failure operation is strictly prohibited. 4, starting power to start the machine when must leave machinery and other staff all the workspace, and take the worktable clutter can start the machine. 5, mechanical work, prohibit to dig its hand deeper into the slider workspace, it is strictly prohibited, leave work pieces by hand. In the punching die, leave work pieces must use the standard tools. If discover to there is abnormal sound or the machine mechanical failure, should immediately shut off the power switch. About precision hardware parts processing should pay attention to matters and introduce you to here, if you still do not know, or you want to know more information about precision metal processing can focus on me, if you have any need of precision metal processing friend can also give the message oh ~ ~ us dollars given precision technology co. , LTD focus on precision lathe processing more than 15 years, is a professional engaged in precision metal parts processing precision parts processing, non-standard parts processing professional company, for medical equipment, electronic equipment, intelligent robot, automotive, office automation equipment design, all kinds of precision machinery parts processing, precision parts machining and tooling fixture of high science and technology enterprises, the high accuracy of precision parts processing, shaft parts processing, non-standard parts processing, etc, has the rich experience, good at CNC lathe and CNC center and other precision parts processing, also with the many small demands of customers, fast response, with professional technology, excellent quality, on time period, and perfect service to meet the needs of different customers.
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