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- precision metal parts Accuracy is 0. Around 3 mm

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-18
Nowadays in the 21st century, the development is very quick! It was this development made a lot of the rapid development of the enterprise! Now a lot of product will need to use parts of high intelligence, for example precision metal parts! Precision metal parts for is metal, so on the precision, appearance is very important! In a period of time before a miss liu find the meta search precision metal parts through the network of science and technology co. , LTD website! Special saw about the advantages of metal processing! Miss liu after consultation with customer service, contact way. After the salesman in touch with miss liu after they started the chat! In chat, learned that the miss liu is going to make this kind of precision metal parts in 0. Around 3 mm, the accuracy requirement is too strict, the general factory is really can't do it. Miss liu told the production requirements to clerk, clerk good price then we send the quotation to the customer, the customer think after carefully read in terms of price is quite reasonable, not deliberately to lift up the price! After very snappy under order to pvi, thanks! After the salesman immediately arrange started making workshop! For given yuan precision metal parts quality, miss liu can't say very trust, but miss liu would like to give the trust to yuan gift! Yuan has given precision technology co. , LTD focus on precision lathe processing more than 15 years, is a professional engaged in precision metal parts machining precision parts manufacturers, with professional technology to meet customer demand. If you recently need, can contact online customer service on the right side!
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