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Precision machining, to live with

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-20
Many big V began to live with out, heard that recently the exclusive signing has 100 million, seems to be shortsighted band goods is really a tuyere, ningbo precision machinery processing factory really need to be in the outside? Tuyere to pigs will fly up, live band can promote the marketing of traditional precision parts processing industry level, a lot of people waiting to see! Always to have the opportunity to prepare the people, don't have to look, take a fancy to go dry. Since last year, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer had dared to eat crab, began to trill short video platform, try a live band. While no from new channel precision parts processing orders, but we also felt in the play. Live with cargo really fast moving consumer goods is quite fit, but be sure to conclude that it is not suitable for manufacturing precision parts processing, it would be premature. Standing in the marketing perspective, everything is possible, although short video is a young group, ningbo precision machining experts believe that the traditional industry should embrace mobile Internet, can not miss a draught. Short video promotion, may not be able to bring orders soon, but the client is can cultivate high precision spare parts, even if there is no direct customer, on the platform will also have indirect customers. As long as we gain their trust, ningbo precision machining cooperation opportunity is just a matter of time, if the slow step, there is no the tuyere of the dividend.
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