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Precision machining, to ensure that chang 'e 3 manufacturing zero error

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-23
More on December 14, 2013 is a very special day for our country, our country's space agency launching of chang 'e 3 'rover' successful implementation in the soft landing on the moon's surface. This is the 3rd country capable of achieve the feat. It makes every one of us more than the Chinese feel proud. So we need to know a little, a satellite to heaven, the rockets' push, whether the rocket, or satellite, or the lander, these need to be more precision parts and components to assembly line. Then the parts need to be very professional precision machining technology. You know, not a little mistake, among this parts must be very high precision. When manufacturing chang 3 actually met a lot of problems, then execute chang 'e no. 3 of this task is the space of six yuan 7103 factory workshop machine plus a set of 25 this excellent team, they with one share a pitch, completed the almost impossible task. Before 25 workshop of the first issue is how the precision parts processing needle valve type injection machine, injection machine needle valve type, is a new generation of vehicle engine super hard processing of a component, and the flow regulator is level and stable working condition of engine used in the key of the system flow valve, no can draw lessons from the data before this, no one did, there is no such high precision equipment can work out, in '3 without' case, the team leader has written pledge to fulfill a military order, set up the research group. After more than a month of hard fighting, finally put the parts in their hand is completed, can work out the precision parts, of course, is the factory in a big breakthrough in the field of precision machining. And then there is the goddess of the moon 'humidity tube on the no. 3, the dimensional tolerance of precision parts more than basic is micron grade, a slight error will make the whole precision parts scrap, the environment and the operator's requirements for production and processing is more demanding. But even so, responsible for the process of little su comrade, study hard, and finally overcome the problems. Problems like this there are still many, many, precision parts processing is also a than a big difficulty, but the 7103 factory of every employee simply trying to solve these problems one by one more. We can see on the moon chang 'e 3 and our five-star red flag of China. We give thanks to the efforts to fight in the frontline staff, they make the precision machinery processing industry of our country entered the forefront of the world.
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