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Precision machining, the May Day holiday for five days

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-19
Ningbo precision machining this week should be our colleague had the most wonderful time of a week, four days later, you can open our 51 small holiday. A lot of friends to calculate 51 during the travel plan, can finally relax for a while, ningbo precision machinery parts processing rare 5 days holiday since long vacation to return to work and production. Everyone can response to the call of national stimulus spending, to get out and spend more. Mechanical parts processing work temporarily put a put, leave for a while the noise of the machine, forget the time in the factory, into nature, edify sentiment, then come back better can be used in precision parts processing! Now, however, we still need to work on that to do the job at hand. 51 need before delivery of the orders, in particular, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory is impossible to delay the customer delivery, this is related to business reputation. Everyone must be inverted mechanical parts processing production cycle, working overtime is to complete the task of customers. Quality is our lifeline, don't be distracted because of the holiday. If quality goes wrong, the customer refused, everyone's 51 holiday may be spoiled. Ningbo precision machining of reputation is built on quality, a few days before the holiday, we must not take lightly, well finished the first few days, may not be careless.
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