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Precision machining, the green channel to return

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-24
With the improvement of the epidemic situation, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises of return to work and production has become the top priority. Many medical equipment orders began to surge, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory is a little bit can't handle, especially face mask machine production, general lack of manpower, a lot of employees is still in a state of isolation, can't return on time. Front the lack of face mask machine dire lack of materials, such as ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises can't start all production capacity, is all because people didn't return. Recently, the management department to open a green channel, all employees have to return to ningbo, only need to go to a hospital making a nucleic acid testing, if no problem, you can back in time, put into production. This policy is so in a timely manner, if employees continue to 14 days at home isolation, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of a lot of orders will be delay. The medical equipment orders are urgent, however, time and tide wait for no man really. If there is no green channel, the staff at home idle, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises also idle equipment, also is a kind of social waste. Employees can now through the green channel return, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer can improve immediately, the production of emergency medical equipment processing can start work. Precision parts processing production line still need more people, work together, it's fast, a person dealing with a few steps, the production efficiency is the natural down.
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