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Precision machining, the choice of the customer in Shanghai

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-21
Mr. Li is in Shanghai through Internet search 'mechanical parts processing' to contact us. Our factory is not in Shanghai, but the service had many customers around Shanghai, and obtained the favorable comment of customer, to make an endless stream of Shanghai customers find you. In fact around Shanghai also has a lot of good precision spare parts suppliers, but why so many customers are willing to further choose Shanghai ningbo precision machining suppliers? Through communication, Mr. Li is a design company in Shanghai, with mechanical parts processing factory cooperation is the norm, they will often receive client looking for help on the precision of parts processing enterprises. If they don't have the appropriate recommendations, may delay the product development cycle, also lost the prestige, lose customers. This time they have a customer to do a watch parts processing, specifies the stainless steel watch case. This is a kind of high precision precision parts processing, has a high requirement on the processing plant. Whose hands, dial, surface polishing, requirements to do assembly. Watch is need to be very careful, the surface must be beautiful. Find a nearby factory, before has not been very good effect, precision rough, assembly will not come up. Supplier has to come up with a satisfactory sample, Mr Lee also out in a rash, to feel indebted to the customer, so now again looking for mechanical parts processing plant. Mr. li complained of problems, saw the precision parts processing drawings, provide confidence to our technology department. Then, we sent a few samples done watch, explained the every step of the process to delivery time, let the customer see our professional and immediately signed the contract. After a few days work overtime, finally the just in time for Mr Lee's delivery. Mr Li said later to find our ningbo precision mechanical processing plant long-term cooperation.
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