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Precision machining teach you how to maintenance of grinder

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-18
More grinding machine must have the specialist is responsible for the maintenance and use, preventive maintenance, to ensure that the machine is in good condition. Homework finished, all the parts, especially the sliding parts, should be oiled after brush try clean. Chip removal of each part of the grinding machine grinding. On the necessary parts, rust. Before grinding, grinding wheel balance correction, please. Must be in accordance with the work material, hardness, choice of grinding wheel. With the grinding wheel spindle end flange should be thin oil film coating to prevent rust. Please note that the spindle rotation direction. Banning the use of air gun cleaners crops and machine. Please note oil oil window is smooth. Steel, dust collector, filter cleaning once a week, please. When the suction weak cuttings please check whether the vacuum tube is jammed. Must keep the vacuuming pipe clean, otherwise it will cause burns. Grinding machine chuck casting the maintenance of the permanent magnetic chuck or electromagnetic sucker disk for work content to grinding accuracy can work out the basis, should be completed for maintenance and maintenance. If working accuracy sent or disk damage, disk must be regrinding, disk precision meets requirements, to ensure accuracy of the work piece. Grinding machine maintenance of the lubricating oil lubrication system in the initial use a month to replace, every 3 - in the future Six months after replacement, tank below the drain plugs, available. And please note that, when the oil change, the cleaning tank internal and filter at the same time.
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