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Precision machining processing principle of large range of precision machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-12
More engaged in the mechanical processing for many years, we have been committed to high precision parts processing, look back, we often say the high precision parts, in addition to the needs of high-end equipment, the pure raw materials, exquisite processing technology, there are more important than these, that is what we often call machining process according to row, then we need to talk about the problem of machining process according to the row! Precision machining and machining or parts manufacturing process is the steps, using the method of mechanical processing, directly change the blank shape, size and surface quality, etc. , making it a part of process called machining process. Precision machinery processing technology is in the process, on the basis of change in the production of objects, properties, such as shape, size, the relative position and make it become the finished product or semi-finished products, is each step, a detailed description of each process. Technical personnel according to the product quantity, equipment condition and the quality of workers, etc. , determine the process of using, as the content of the related process files, this file is called process planning. This is more targeted. Every factory may not be the same, because the actual situation is different. In general, the process is a platform, the processing technology is the detailed parameters of each step and process planning is a factory specific processing technology according to the actual situation. Precision machining process planning is a regulation parts machining process and operation method of process documentation, one of which is under the condition of concrete production, the reasonable technological process and operation method, according to the regulations in the form of a written into process file, used to direct production after approval. Precision machining process planning generally include the following contents: workpiece machining process route and the specific content of each process and the equipment and process equipment, test items and test method of artifacts, cutting dosage, the time quota, etc. Formulate the procedure from step 1) Calculating annual production program, determine the type of manufacture. 2) Analysis part drawing and the product assembly drawing, parts for process analysis. 3) Select blank. 4) The formulation process route. 5) Determine the machining allowance of each process, calculating the dimension and tolerance. 6) Identify the equipment used in each process and cutting tool, jig, measuring tools and auxiliary tools. 7) To determine the cutting dosage and man-hour quota. 8) To determine the main process of technical requirements and test methods. 9) Fill in the process documents. In the process of making precision machining process planning, often have to adjust the content of the front has been preliminarily determined, in order to improve the economic benefit. In the process of execution procedure, may appear unprecedented material, such as the change of the production conditions, the introduction of new technologies, new processes, new materials, the application of advanced equipment such as precision, precision machining principles require timely to revise and improve process planning. Many people view: & lt; Figure & gt; The common fault of the small and medium-sized mechanical processing factory? Most complete machining cost accounting method, decisive collection precision machinery processing, 1) , in order to ensure the machining accuracy, rough and finish machining separately from the best. Because when rough machining, cutting quantity is big, the workpiece by cutting force, clamping force, heat, and the machining surface has the obvious work hardening phenomenon, there are large internal stress artifacts interior, if rough, rough machining, row after finishing the parts precision will soon lost because of the stress redistribution. For some high machining accuracy requirements of parts. Before after rough machining and precision machining, also should be arranged or aging treatment of low temperature annealing process to eliminate internal stress. ( 2) , reasonably choose equipment. Roughing cut off most of the machining allowance, does not require high machining accuracy, so rough machining should be bigger in the power and the high accuracy of machine tools, finishing process demands with relatively high precision machine tool processing. Rough and finish machining on the machine in different, can give full play to the equipment capacity, and can prolong the service life of precision machine tools. ( 3) , in the machining process route, often arrange the heat treatment process. Location arrangement is as follows: heat treatment process to improve the machinability of metals, such as annealing, normalizing, tempering, general arrangement before machining. To eliminate internal stress, such as aging treatment, conditioning treatment, such as general arrangement, after rough machining, but before finishing. In order to improve the mechanical properties of the parts, such as carburizing, quenching and tempering, general arrangement into the line after machining. Such as heat treatment after large deformation, but also should arrange the final machining process. Read 'the principle of precision machining processing precision machining range', I believe you for the precision machining principles and other issues have probably understanding, if you also want to know about machining shop, price, how much is the related content, please pay attention to our subsequent news!
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