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Precision machining, priority protection mask machine production

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-19
As companies in order to return to work and production, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of masks and other protective supplies demand continues to increase. Especially for those in the tens of thousands of giant, internal consumption of mask every day is also a lot of number, foreign procurement alone is certainly not a way to mask machine to ensure their own preferred production supply is a good choice. In labor-intensive industries, in the tens of thousands of companies is not the biggest, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises have larger giants, the industrial park is the family. Under the epidemic situation, to return to work and production to guarantee first masks and other protective supplies supply, affirmation is not realistic to other suppliers, many of his peers have to choose their own production. Precision machinery parts processing factory in ningbo, home from foxconn, byd, during the Spring Festival begins to allocate the mask production line, for our precision parts processing industry, diy assembly mask machine is not difficult, as long as you can purchase the raw materials, organize production, to meet their own needs, basically, it is not problem, also can reduce pressure on the social supply. For days, ningbo precision machining industry association in organize enterprises to return to work and production at the same time, through the association member enterprise, unified deployment of face mask machine production, need protection mask machine production for epidemic prevention, give priority to meet the emergency. So long as has the precision machining of 3 d drawings, mask machine molding has become a very easy thing.
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