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Precision machining, orderly arrangement of return

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-18
This week began, ningbo precision machining industry began to return to work and production, it is enterprise, employees and customers, and even the society as a whole are looking forward to good news. On February 21, the dragon look up, suppressed for too long at home friends, finally can work up. Only through the contrast and vacation, found that how much we love your job, CNC parts processing enterprise is the home of our hearts, before the hate. Joke joke, go back to ningbo after the Spring Festival, precision machinery parts processing factory production workshop, see every machine tools feel kind, like see the Spring Festival visits relatives, we separate too long. Hold back during the Spring Festival at home, didn't see anyone, are looking forward to an early return to work, so the factory didn't think of the long holiday, delayed for a week, and on postponing, a lot of CNC parts processing customer orders are delayed. If there is no new crown pneumonia, we may not know how without work is boring, day by day to sit, do not know when is the end. In previous work, our assembly line in CNC machining parts, also from day to day operation, also do not know when is the end, seems to be no hope. However, this wave of the epidemic around the lunar New Year holiday, suddenly let us see precision parts processing industry of hope! There is a job, just have hope. The first return of our staff has begun to return to work and production, but we are only part of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory employees. Precision machining industry in ningbo, can return to work on time and production companies are now few, return all employees that are much rarer. Take our company, and most of the employees to continue in home quarantine, is subject to the approval by the back again, looking forward to their arrival!
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