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Precision machining of a new career - — Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) pilot

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-12
As a new generation of the further development of intelligent precision parts processing technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data, 5 g, such as frontier to speed up to the commercial, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises to launch unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has brought more and more industry change. As uavs application in all walks of life, let a lot of traditional career change gradually, some new career began to appear, such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) pilot is one of them. In recent years, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises to launch unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in fire rescue, forestry and plant protection, emergency communications, patrol monitoring are increasingly popular, the applications of market expansion also presents positive trend. This intelligent precision parts processing and product application scenario, are not ordinary people can operate the plane model, but has a high technical threshold. It is in this case, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) pilot of the new career began to appear. Ningbo precision machining expert points out, leaving full-time uav drivers, application in the industry scene of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) almost impossible to start. Industrial-grade uavs variety, not only the body has the most level, such as large, medium and small and includes a fixed wing and rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and unmanned helicopter and other varieties. And applied to individual consumers consumer unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is generally small, many different rotor structure, ordinary people can operate, there is no technical threshold. As you can see, precision parts processing technology development, to the impact of modern community professional updates are becoming more prominent. Precision machinery parts processing factory in ningbo, the birth of a new career in the future there will be more, especially in the fields related to intelligent CNC parts processing. Also, the career will be like a drone pilot, both new and full of personality, the most popular with the masses of young people.
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