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Precision machining, may a good situation

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-30
Small long vacation period, we ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises many colleagues went out to walk a circle, find that many of the industry do not bottom go to. The tables have turned and really to our house this year! Mechanical parts processing industry is not to say that how the fire, but there are a lot of old customer support ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of overall is ok. Old said for our mechanical parts factory, is really into the processing season in May, many old customers like opened will, concentrated order during this time. Sometimes, they don't place the order, one order, they have to place the order, ningbo precision machining services also showed a strong seasonal sometimes. Of course, without orders, factory is some, as there are some factory in ningbo precision machinery processing industry started from may start to employees of a long vacation, especially those export-oriented factories. Now the foreign trade order, have no obvious improvement, the global economic downturn as a whole, export of mechanical parts processing business is become more and more bad. If like transformation do domestic trade, this certainly is not our advantage long-term agriculture machinery parts processing enterprises in the domestic market. Especially in the economic environment is bad, a lot of old customer for us, orders are flying all over the country to ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, we let the envy of many of his peers.
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