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Precision machining, mask machine began to order

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-24
What the country needs, ningbo precision machining can provide what! This is not a boast, we only provide the real service, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory is always seek truth from facts. Now epidemic raged, mask is hard to find, and face mask machine are needed everywhere, after we return to work since the first thing the mask machine production is well organized. Waiting to return to work and production days, although we don't have to work, but our online service platform can be in the home office, after the Spring Festival, precision parts processing order enquiry she became much more. Very period, factories across the country in shutdown, other business really no enquiries, but face mask machine customer one by one. However, we can only to customers first, after all, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer few starts, all the production, all need to return to work in a factory after production. This time the client can also understand the difficulties of manufacturer, they only need to implement the first manufacturer, precision parts processing products of delivery is no problem. This week, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises generally began to return to work and production, workers began to return, although not all moving capacity, how many how many can do at this time. Other precision parts processing products are not the most urgent, delivery can be appropriate delay, recently for a period of time in ningbo, precision machinery parts processing factory will go all out to organize face mask machine production!
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