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Precision machining, looking forward to return to work train

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-23
Spring, every year is the peak season of ningbo precision machining industry, a lot of orders are full, but many employees can't return on time, especially in areas of hubei province. Now has been unsealed in hubei region, the output of the province, as migrant workers can be added to our precision parts processing industry a lot of labor. This year is so special, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer are generally lack of manpower, recruitment under the outbreak has failed, we only look forward to many stranded in their hometown of employees to return as soon as possible. Recently, the guangzhou railway group coordination of local governments, opened to start train in guangdong, hubei point-to-point transport, is in the pearl river delta factory to return to work and production. For HuBeiJi staff, if there is no resume work train, travel a lot of problems, each place a hindrance to HuBeiJi personnel flow. With one-stop start train, can directly back to guangdong, an early return to work, have no bring about troubles trouble, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer also looking forward to personnel to arrive at an early date. Ningbo precision machinery processing industry is not easy, so HuBeiJi employees more is not easy, two months in isolation, no source of income, you are of great economic pressure. We deal with HuBeiJi employees more understanding, more inclusive, rather than bewilders them, precision parts processing family welcome their arrival at any time.
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