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Precision machining industry, how to deal with exchange rate fluctuations?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-11
Precision machining industry now pay more and more attention to the foreign trade market, exchange rate fluctuations for precision parts processing products exports will have a direct effect. Recently, the RMB against the U. S. dollar fell below 7 this psychological barrier, precision machinery parts processing factory have started to worry about the second half of the export performance may further narrowed. Popular point, the exchange rate for precision machining industry is a double-edged sword. A liter of a drop, profit and loss amount. If the yuan against the dollar, the export of precision parts processing products can make a big price advantage, but a disadvantage when you imported raw materials. If the yuan appreciation against the dollar, imports of machinery parts processing raw materials when nature more cost-effective, but manufacturers export precision machinery parts processing is difficult. Therefore, how to manage the exchange rate risk, for precision machining industry is really a questions in economics. Precision machinery parts processing factory is a member of the world market, provide both exports, procurement of imported raw materials. Exchange rate fluctuation is hardly earn is deficient, but jumpy, affirmation is not accord with the development of precision parts processing industry, the test of managing the exchange rate risk expectation is brand new.
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