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Precision machining, increase the mask machine production

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-26
Even didn't think of two seniors, mask into the New Year, after the cargo is hard to find. Then return to work after rehabilitation, masks still in short supply, many ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises are temporarily put into production of masks. China's population is too much consumption in masks suddenly blowout, really surprised many masks enterprises expect. Now so many enterprises cross-border, this is what the country needs, provide what ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer. For many other corporate transformation production masks, actually don't need to surprise. A lot of labor-intensive enterprises, employment Numbers, there are a large number of mask needs every day. Now these masks production precision parts processing enterprise transformation, on the one hand, can satisfy the needs of the enterprise itself, on the other hand can provide more masks for the society. After resume work in the enterprise has the experience, flowers, and the price is also difficult to buy enough masks, only to find a way to myself. With a lot of related companies into the production field of masks, let the mask variant to the goods. For a manufacturing power, mask production don't have any technical difficulties, there are raw materials, has a face mask machine, production line can be started immediately, capacity came up, it will be less in short supply. So, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer has received a face mask machine orders, the first to return to work and production staff have been input in the production of tension. Guangdong side a lot of clothing, textile enterprises production masks are temporary transformation, as the holiday return to work and production, more production line requires more mask machine, fortunately, ningbo precision machining strength. As long as you have drawings, we can produce, mask machine for precision parts processing enterprises, not hard at all the hard part is need time now. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory employees can only have in place, but we'll think of some way to overcome.
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