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Precision machining how to Vietnam factory?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-10
In recent years, to Vietnam factory of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer is more and more, especially the side of the taiwan-funded enterprises in ningbo. Taste, of course, all over the head with her soup ningbo precision machining industry giants, capital strong hands make light work. General precision parts processing enterprises are waiting and most of them are interested in Vietnam market, also in the attention, but has not put into action. Although, ship small good run, but in one place to start is also need courage! Some smell of ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises, in 2018 began to set up a stronghold in Vietnam, ready to invest in southeast Asia. With the coming of the sino-us trade friction, such a move would have to say prescient. Has been going on for 19 months of sino-us trade friction also shows no sign of change for us, when the transfer precision parts processing production line to Vietnam again had the opportunity. If the sino-us trade friction will continue for a long time, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises to Vietnam factory is a have to consider the problem. For ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, Vietnam local labor costs less than half of the continent, this is the place where the most attract our mainland counterparts. And the current domestic market of precision parts processing, labor costs are rising, Vietnam's alternative advantage is more and more obvious. However, the Labour cost is low, but Vietnam's precision parts processing incomplete supply chain. Current Vietnam is in agricultural to industrial transformation stage, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises to local plant, parts or need to rely on the domestic market, which integrated the cost could be 10% higher than the domestic. If the products export to USA market, without imposing tariffs, export to the United States from Vietnam is more cost-effective than exported from China to the United States!
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