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Precision machining, how to see the U. S. tariffs again?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-22
For ningbo precision machinery processing industry, the us $300 billion of China's export commodities again imposing a 10% tariff, early to be expected. Precision parts processing of international trade in China's trade disputes crevice, only hard, and must be prepared for the long haul. Impact on our industry, began to emerge from the first half of the year, the situation is in the second half of the year may be even worse. On the one hand, influenced the ningbo precision machinery processing factory sources of raw materials. We many high-end mechanical parts processing of raw materials depend on the American market, such as Alcoa is we compared the commonly used materials. If China to retaliatory tariffs on American, will push up our procurement costs, thereby lowering the CNC parts processing products in the international market competitiveness. Ningbo precision machinery processing industry, on the other hand, have to re-examine the export market. The United States has repeatedly raised tariffs on Chinese exports, precision parts processing products, also the customers can only choose the suppliers of other countries. For CNC machining parts supplier main export market, must find customers in other countries, to fill the loss of the American market. Because the trade disputes between China and the United States will continue for a long time, our suppliers must also take a long-term view.
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