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Precision machining, how to see the prosperity of intelligent speakers?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-21
In recent years, the emergence of intelligent household products to ningbo precision machining industry got quite a few orders, especially the prosperity of intelligent speakers. Is expected by the end of 2019, the popularity of Chinese intelligent speakers will reach 10%, to 85. 5 million the number of users more than 74. 2 million the number of users in the United States, this market space contains how many mechanical parts processing orders, for ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer should be predictable. Think ningbo precision machining industry, intelligent speakers can realize hot growth in the Chinese market, first of all thanks to various capital inflow precision parts processing industry, especially the Internet giant's push. At present, Google, amazon is still taking the lead in the global intelligent speaker market. Baidu, alibaba, millet investment precision parts processing manufacturers such as the developed intelligent speakers also occupy a certain market share. Ningbo think precision machining industry, machinery parts processing technology promotion to promote more perfect the function of intelligent sound box, brings the prosperity of the market. Without the ascent of technology cannot be achieved products better meet the needs of users, the market also is impossible. In addition, the CNC parts processing cost is reduced, also let the speaker product prices more populist, also to a large extent stimulate the purchase desire of consumers.
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