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Precision machining, how to see 5 g base station?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-21
5 g era, the base station is a foundation, so the cities start stepping up 5 g for the construction of the base station. For ningbo precision machinery processing industry, this kind of precision parts processing order has been on the road. In addition, now just try water stage, the future is expected to show explosive growth, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory is ready. Ningbo precision machining according to expert introduction, in 2019, ningbo will be planning to build 8500 5 g base stations, in the first half of the year, according to have completed 2000 5 g base station construction. Total 4 to 2022 planning. 50000, the overall station spacing within 200 meters, including macro station 2. 40000, the station 2. 10000. According to the ningbo 5 g web site planning, 5 g base station with precision parts processing orders, for ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory to see the new hope. In fact, 5 g base stations to orders not for precision parts processing can be completed, also need to ningbo solid implementation of precision machinery processing industry. Of 5 g, for the moment, each district construction is underway, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer also in full cooperation, continue to promote 5 g base station mechanical parts processing, integration by adopting the technology of AI, cloud computing, block chain, realize the industrialization in every field of 5 g.
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