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Precision machining, hot super maglev train

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-22
Announced recently, the zhejiang super shanghai-hangzhou maglev transport project is about to fall to the ground, make a lot of envy of ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises, the beijing-guangzhou route should have got the super maglev train, it seems to be beat her, zhejiang ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer can receive orders a slice of the market, is a more realistic subject. Landing on the maglev train, all in wrestling, now Qingdao precision parts processing enterprises also just build a prototype, large-scale ground may not so fast. Ningbo precision machining experts point out that, originally in hubei xianning plan to construct a super maglev test facilities, directly into beijing-guangzhou route after, also did not have the news. For ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, from wuhan to ningbo now need more than four hours, if can be born between wuhan and guangdong super maglev train is too good, two commuting time can be compressed to 2 hours, can greatly facilitate in precision parts processing business cooperation, especially can shorten order deal. Regardless of where the ground, we ningbo precision machining industry would like to see the ground as soon as possible, don't want a wave after news hyped, and did not have the news. Super maglev train once built, the influence of the precision parts processing industry for us is immeasurable, high-speed rail that a wave in our industry, will be back again.
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