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Precision machining, hot car consumption stimulation

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-22
Outbreak is crisis, as well as the opportunity, precision parts processing manufacturing industry affected by a certain extent, but in the unexpected opportunities. Ningbo precision machining expert points out, a lot of special auto service enterprises supplier, this years day sad, order less and less, industry inflection point in recent years, all can't see the hope, are thinking about how to transform. But the outbreak brought opportunity to auto precision parts processing enterprises, really surprised everybody. Original car consumption market is experiencing a wave of depth adjustment, when it comes to it on the bottom of the market, the government this invisible hand begin, to stimulate the economy, begin from the lift car consumption, then a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory are excited. We wish to order, wish my savior, unexpectedly is epidemic brought opportunity to auto precision parts processing enterprises. As long as the economic stimulus plan on the agenda, auto consumption market will change dramatically, new market prosperity will soon appear, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises shut down production line can start, hot situation will appear in the near future. Without this wave of automobile consumption stimulation, many business single ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory really need closed, some have give workers without pay, this is no way to solution. Ningbo baoan district, for example, has introduced to boost automobile consumption is given priority to economic stimulus, auto precision parts processing enterprise group is the greatest benefit.
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