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Precision machining, face to face with the population dividend decreasing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-17
Ningbo, at the end of the beginning of the end, precision machinery processing industry are facing manpower shortage of the old topic. As the foundry industry, precision parts processing enterprises the most headaches is the end of this period of time, mobility, foreign customers of undelivered tight, high wages also is bad for people. Over the years, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of recruitment work become more and more difficult, to recruit people less and less, better delivery, express delivery, also not willing to foundry industry. In fact, the old topic of foundry industry, in the final analysis is the great background of demographic dividend decreasing. In recent years, China's labor population decline year by year, in 2018 China's labor population of 73. 9%, to 2023 is expected to drop to 70% or so left. An ageing population are affecting precision parts processing industry, high wage labor advantage, through intelligent manufacturing to improve the production efficiency, for ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer also is imperative. In recent years, precision parts processing workers, the annual average wage rising. Ningbo in 2018 the employment of precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, the average annual salary of 49574 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3814 yuan, nominal growth 8. 3%. Labor costs are rising, margins in the narrow, objectively prompted ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises actively select intelligent equipment, to respond to the demographic dividend. But with the development of intelligent precision parts processing technology, the production cost of industrial robots, decrease of it for big money away ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, is a good news. Over the years, the payback period of intelligent robot cost reduced year by year, from cost recovery period is 5. For two years, to 2020 is expected to drop to zero. In 77, compared to save manpower cost, the return on investment is in line with expectations.
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