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Precision machining, dumping of zhejiang customers

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-23
Recently, the zhejiang customer contact to our ningbo precision machining company. We know that the client is in online search 'precision parts processing' to see our company, because just have zhejiang evaluation about our online customer service over there. Actually, zhejiang over there are many suppliers of mechanical parts processing, however, now that customers prefer to choose ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer. It turns out that this customer is in the Yangtze river delta there before precision parts processing factory under the single. Mainly considering the proximity, work together more worry. But after made several mechanical parts processing, proximity found, in fact also don't worry, accuracy, size has been can not meet the requirements. They are disappointed, that can only change supplier. On the Internet looking for high precision spare parts suppliers is easy, but is must find suppliers of cooperation, quality, or repeat the previous story again. He saw on the Internet on the other side of the zhejiang customers say, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer's service is very good, the accuracy is high, so take a, to find our company. We have 10 years of history is a ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, the production workshop are all imported equipment, the processing schedule of 2000 mm, can undertake large processing products. Many customers need to do big, zhejiang province, our factory is to realize the whole process, need not piecemeal processing and assembly. The zhejiang customers see our introduction, very straightforward placed their orders. Zhejiang customers further, the strength of the watch is in ningbo precision machining.
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