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Precision machining, don't back and forth

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-28
Recently, Mr Yang in kunming very annoyed when looking for precision parts processing factory. Because cooperation supplier before, processing quality problems often recently, suddenly also can not find a good solution. The for customers, really don't want to see this step. As a result, Mr Yang is looking for another vendor to do, at this time, he thought of the ningbo precision machining. At a friend's recommendation, he found the ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory cooperation. In fact, when Mr Yang is hesitant to us, because kunming after all too far away from ningbo. Do in their local, quality can meet the precision parts processing, ningbo precision machining cooperation really so bad? However, through communication, Mr Yang was impressed by the strength of the ningbo supplier, reached a cooperation soon. Mr Yang also adds a few strings attached, we promised to him, and must meet the requirements of the drawings, otherwise, the ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer must do his satisfaction. We didn't let the customer trust. At the appointed time for two weeks, delivery on time to kunming. There after receiving the goods inspection, also very satisfied, and excitedly said: 'not the kui is ningbo precision machining, one pace reachs the designated position can fix mechanical parts processing, no need to get up. ”
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