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Precision machining, do you know about the EDM process

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-04
Precision machinery processing enterprises in ningbo, many precision parts processing all need to use EDM, EDM is often said. In electrical discharge machining ( EDM) In the process, the metal parts are placed in the dielectric fluid, wire was sent to be submerged metal parts. Current through the parts produced sparks, and ultimately helps to form the required shape of parts. In need of EDM precision parts processing, narrow when the separation distance of electrodes, the electric field intensity increases, thus increasing the strength of the dielectric fluid. In this case, the current more easily through between the two electrodes, and at every time of ignition components and the separation of metal plate. After the current through and reach the required shape, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer sometimes use liquid medium to perform a process called 'wash', to help remove any remaining material or waste of finished product.
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