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Precision machining, distance is not a problem

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-27
With the development of high-speed rail, even if the two are separated by thousands of kilometers of city, several hours can reach, it's for ningbo precision machining industry business development has brought great convenience. Guangdong precision parts processing industry is very developed, surrounding provinces and cities of ningbo service customers to purchase, to ningbo factory is so convenient. Such as hubei, hunan, jiangxi and other places customer choose ningbo CNC parts processing services, all feel that distance is not the obstacle for the cooperation. Nanchang wu is search on the Internet, for example, 'ningbo precision machining', browse a lot of related posts, to contact to our company. Mr. Wu's company do machine intelligence story, often need to customize product model of precision parts processing. Originally, Mr. Wu's company has been linked to hubei CNC parts processing factory cooperation. In desperation, Mr Wu had to replace supplier, his friend recommend ningbo precision machining services. Although a bit far, but the factory is very convenient, more major is on the other side of the precision parts processing quality is better than that of hubei, jiangxi side. Soon, Mr. Wu, while on a business trip to ningbo to visit our factory a visit, so many processing equipment, so many technical backbone, is said to sign on the spot. Such power, what not be at ease, too much better than their local suppliers. At this point, precision parts processing cooperation very well for the first time, subsequent, wu also has orders from time to time. In their own words: distance is not a problem really, precision machinery processing enterprises in ningbo order really worry! If you also recently in nc parts processing factory, our ningbo factory really is a good choice for you!
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