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Precision machining and intelligent speakers

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-08
Many ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory in the production of intelligent speakers. We know that intelligent speakers without precision parts processing. Full-year 2018 intelligent speaker shipments up to 86. 2 million units, compared with 2017 increased by 3 times. Global intelligent speaker market presents the explosive growth, ningbo felt most significantly the perimeter of the factory, this kind of product of mechanical parts processing orders are come from abroad. Amazon and Google remains in the forefront of intelligent speakers, domestic precision parts processing brands are struggling to keep up. After 2018 years of explosive growth, ningbo precision machining experts predict that the growth of intelligent speakers in 2019 or is only half of 2018. In addition, the Chinese intelligent speakers penetration rate is far lower than the European and American countries, the Chinese market is still large room for growth. Intelligent speakers into the second half in 2019, consumers pay more attention to intelligent voice interaction experience, is no longer just about the price. According to ningbo precision machining experts, there are about 60 million families now have at least one smart speakers. To 2024, 2025 global intelligence speakers market scale will reach 30 billion, 40 billion dollars. In China in 2018, 34. 2 million people using smart speaker, it was a sharp increase from the previous year. As the precision parts processing manufacturers active competition, in 2019 China intelligent speaker market will continue to maintain rapid growth. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, estimates that in 2019 China will have 85. 5 million intelligent sound box users, more than 74. 2 million the number of users in the United States, and the penetration of intelligent speakers will reach 10%. But the contrast shows that intelligent speakers penetration of Internet users in the United States for 26. 0%, far higher 10 in China. 0%, therefore, the future China's intelligent sound field and huge space for development, ningbo precision machining business there are a lot of room to grow.
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