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Precision machining about forced technology transfer?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-10
Market in technology, ningbo precision machinery processing industry is the policy of the participants. A lot of sino-foreign joint venture of mechanical parts processing enterprises, is the beneficiary of this policy. Our extensive ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer but also the witness of this policy. Recent china-us trade negotiations, content renewed debate about forced technology transfer. In the past era of mechanical parts processing, total factor productivity is the most important is the human, land and capital, now the digital era of CNC machining parts, total factor productivity is the most important thing in the core technology. At the beginning China's reform and opening up the introduction of foreign capital, is to learn advanced precision parts processing technology. If the Chinese and foreign cooperation, but they could not have advanced technology, can only transfer market and that such cooperation is without foundation. Precision machinery processing enterprises in ningbo, the foundation of the sino-foreign joint venture, is on the premise of learning each other precision parts processing technology, the introduction of foreign capital CNC parts processing enterprises to enter the Chinese market to achieve incremental innovation, so as to realize win-win cooperation. Technology's effects on economic growth is of vital importance. Learn technique, open the market in China is not the basis of the introduction of cooperation stability.
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