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Precision machining, a shortage of senior skilled worker

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-25
Every arrive the end of the year, precision parts processing enterprises always order the most busy time, is also the most lack of production staff. Precision machining in ningbo on the talent market, the recent shortage of professional ranking list, Turner, welders, and multiple technical type of work such as nc machine tool operation adjuster has always been in short supply, demand related nc parts processing industry is almost constant confirmation status, significantly affected the industry's operations. If visit guangdong side of the large private factory precision parts processing enterprises, it is easy to feel a kind of mechanic team structural changes. Although now the production line of thering is no lack of young people's faces, but many more are some great age of the workforce. Precision machining in ningbo on the talent market, to the young people for jobs is very few. CNC parts processing enterprises tend to hire experienced workers, not only can bear hardships, can work overtime. In precision parts processing power, the proportion of the whole industrial worker team of senior skilled worker is very high. Japan has reached 40%, Germany is as high as 50%, and probably in China is about 5%. Ningbo precision machining according to expert estimates, our industry is expected to have 20 million mechanic talent gap, has seriously hampered the transformation and upgrading of China CNC parts processing industry, solving the problem of talent is imminent. But it is an unbelievable that the general precision parts processing enterprise core resources are most dependent on high-quality industrial workers, in the face of the current talent gap, no enterprise has the real power to develop high-quality industrial workers. This with Japan, Germany nc parts processing enterprises with soil, fosters the talent is vastly different. From ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises liquidity mechanic's point of view, may also be a big reason, who also don't want to help other enterprises to cultivate talents.
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