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Precision machining, 7 days to complete the mask machine production

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-29
Since the Spring Festival, because of the influence of the outbreak, shortage of masks and disinfectant all across the country. Ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises decided, decided to switch to gel mask, disinfection, play the advantages of made in China for resistance to disease. Dare to eat crab precision parts processing enterprises rapidly to form a team, to give up to rest, drawing drawings, the equipment, at the production line, fight points and seconds. To enlarge the capacity of masks, must first raise supply mask machine, assembly machine for mechanical parts processing and manufacturing, is a hero comes in. In the national epidemic prevention task to abnormal difficult period, when the people urgently need to mask, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer to come forward, producing mask to use all force support, is also the era have entrusted to our responsibility. Ningbo several leading mechanical parts processing enterprises were put into the great action, from the head and involves the research and development, design, processing, and other fields of engineer, during the Spring Festival day and night to overcome difficulties, let the whole society to 'ningbo velocity' sit up and take notice, in the past more than a month of time, from 0 to realize mass production! And on the market, the general precision parts processing factory made a face mask machine, fast to 15 days, slow will be 30 days. Needless to say 3 days can draw more than 400 pieces of equipment drawings, also don't have to say 7 days time to complete the mask machine production equipment research and development manufacturing, sheet is in a month to become the world the most amount of mask factory can make the whole market wishers.
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