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Precision machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-16
More traditional machining methods as well as precision machining method. As new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new testing technology and equipment used, the machining accuracy is in constant increase, the constant improvement of the machining accuracy, reflects the division level when machining materials by micro into macro development trend of the world. With the progress of the time, thought is difficult to achieve precision will be relatively easy. Therefore, general machining, precision machining and ultra-precision machining is just a relative concept? Meanwhile the boundaries of changing over time. Precision and ultra precision machining cutting is the typical representative of diamond cutting. In diamond cutting, for example. The blade mouth radius of circular arc has been developed to the direction of smaller. Because it directly affects the size of the processed surface roughness, directly related to the reflectivity of optical mirror, on the reflectivity of instruments and equipment demand is higher and higher. Such as laser gyro mirror reflectivity has been put forward to achieve 99. 99%, which requires more sharp diamond tools. In order to cut very thin experiment, goal is to achieve the nm chip thickness, the cutting tool edge arc radius should approach 2. 4nm。 In order to reach this height, make diamond grinding machine has changed the traditional structure. Of air bearing spindle bearing adopted as bearing, grinding disc face runout can be amended on the machine, make its face runout control in 0. Below 5 microns. Cutting tools, diamond grinding wheel, turning and feed back control, on the super precision grinding machine, grinding can be ductile way, namely the nano grinding. Even the surface of the glass optical lens can be obtained. 2 precision processing and ultra-precision processing from the perspective of long-term development, the development trend of manufacturing technology is the current world development the main direction and strategy of the national economy, is one of the important means of a national economic development, is also a national independence, prosperity and economic steady development, science and technology leading the long-term strategy. The development of science and technology of precision machining and ultra-precision machining technology is also put forward higher requirements. From big to astronomical telescope lens, small to large scale integrated electrical route microns wide requirements of micro engineering and micro/nano size of micro mechanical parts, regardless of size, its maximum size precision tend to nanometer; Part shape is increasingly complicated, various aspheric is currently very typical geometry. Micro mechanical technology for ultra-precision manufacturing technology from a brand-new posture, the fine degree of the it makes face a new challenge to the traditional manufacturing technology, promoting the improvement of the various product technical performance, development present a spiral circulation development, directly to the progress of science and technology and make contribution to human civilization. To product quality, the pursuit of miniaturization, high reliability and high performance, makes the ultra-precision machining technology development rapidly, has now become an important part of modern manufacturing industry.
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