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Precision machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-16
Longgang district of shenzhen of more precision parts processing, precision parts processing is not only a index control machine tool parts processing speed is faster, higher precision products, the nc machine tools and bows and arrows are also required to processing in the whole process of high-speed operation, precise positioning, in order to reduce the workpiece and preparation, processing, transport, collection and storage and so on each link of the time, improve the plant production efficiency, reduce production costs. Higher precision machinery products and bring more benefits in practical use, such as reducing the friction and heat in the process of operation, reduce the energy loss, make the machine more stable and reliable operation, reduce the risk of failure occurs and so on. Automation manufacturers in order to achieve the goal of high speed and high precision, increased the technology investment and development efforts, has developed more automation products applied in nc machine tools, such as linear motor, electric spindle, the accuracy is higher and more stable grating ruler and so on, these automation products for nc machine tools for high speed and high precision function provides a strong support.
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