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Precision machinery processing, power quality cast

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-20
Recently, the dongguan songshan lake there a company that specializes in intelligent robot online information search 'ningbo precision machining. Actually before finding our company, he mentioned that our company listen to friends, just has no chance to cooperation. Recently, their company have just precision parts processing orders, he first thought of our company, go to our website to do some kind of specific understanding. In recent years, intelligent robot is very fire, and this kind of CNC parts processing orders. However, not every a ningbo precision machining supplier, can take this order. For supplier quality is not stable, these intelligent robot company is also a concern, the quality of the products, precision will affect the sales. This time, their research and development team is determined to find a supplier by the spectrum, naturally think of our service. Since the company have heard our company, dongguan and ningbo is so close, our customer service they warmly invited to visit our factory. The other side also agreed, after all, the ear for seeing is believing. Dongguan after the company came to our factory, we roughly about our CNC parts processing power is introduced, then a visit to the sample room, production workshop and product inspection room, the other party when let, said really not the kui is a powerful ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises. There is no doubt that the two sides reached a cooperation is at the scene. During our 11 years customer service, so long as has the intention of customers to visit our factory, such as precision parts processing orders are basically. Have a entity factory suppliers, strength is visible, customer word of mouth is not our own blowing out. Like dongguan, the company would have heard about our service, when there are orders, naturally think of us.
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