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Precision machinery processing, pharmaceutical equipment market

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-23
As the traditional product quality upgrading, the relevant processing production equipment also need to update. Precision machinery processing enterprises in ningbo, equipment update demand especially in the field of medicine is imminent. Many from medical apparatus and instruments in the field of pharmaceutical enterprises, precision machinery parts processing manufacturer is ningbo downstream customers, equipment upgrade in this field, and is closely related to our precision parts processing industry. Must see, pharmaceutical equipment and the upgrading of medical apparatus and instruments, not only is given by the drug quality, precision machinery processing enterprises in ningbo, it seems, is in order to adapt to the development trend of pharmaceutical processing and policy supervision environment, transformation and upgrading of pharmaceutical precision parts processing equipment, and development in the direction of automation, intelligence, integration is necessary. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, is expected to enhance industry concentration, high-end pharmaceutical market concentration will improve precision parts processing equipment, the traditional equipment will be launched, the price will not vary too big, the market demand will rise steadily, and in the next few years, China's medical equipment nc parts processing equipment industry market size annual compound growth rate will be at about 20%, to 2020 the size of the market is expected to exceed 130 billion yuan.
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