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Precision machinery processing industry, the layout of intelligent household

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-09
Intelligence lives in precision machinery parts processing factory in ningbo, in recent years has been the focus of hot spots. With the advent of the era of 5 g, a lot of bets on intelligent household, precision parts processing enterprises is facing a new round of competition. Millet have been in this field layout, gree also followed, huawei also began to keen, ningbo precision machinery processing industry currently out may not just 'the tip of the iceberg'. If huawei power intelligent household, does have the advantage of natural ningbo precision machining industry chain is their strong support. Recently, foreign media reported the huawei honor new trademark registration for three, from the name, is likely to be in the field of smart home and office. In fact, huawei's recent products, are moving in the field of intelligent household penetration, such as the glory of the November launch intelligent body fat scale wireless charger and glory. Is not only huawei, other operators are input and action in the field of smart home is more and more frequent, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer have received orders for these brands. This high precision spare parts supplier for us, it's not a bad thing, have order is better than no order. Smartphones bonuses, perhaps will be copied on the smart home, who also don't want to miss this wave of business opportunities, even the familiar customers. Ningbo precision machining experts point out that, as the smartphone function upgrade, the future of the smart home can bundle together and mobile phones, smart phones should be control of smart home hub, which is given priority to with mobile phone entrance, flat machine, headphones, speakers, watches, car, glasses, PC, TV, all in an application ecosystem. Following the 'wisdom screen' since its launch in August, HongMeng system the layout of the ground be sped up to take advantage of the 5 g network, huawei is bound to incoming rob intelligence lives in the big cake.
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