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Precision machinery processing factory: PLC installation and maintenance

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-08
Ningbo precision machinery processing factory: PLC installation and maintenance of ningbo precision machinery processing factory today's programmable controller, as long as have been properly installed can provide maximum productivity and minimal maintenance. This section covers the relatively new, but the decisive influence of variable controller field of installation and maintenance. Here just for installation and maintenance of this part made a summary, operation guide for programmable control of the information provided by manufacturer. This part includes the CPU and I/O port rack installation, power supply, grounding, and signal cable considerations. The technology to solve the problem and the status of the maintenance will be tested, finally put forward to choose maintenance scheme. 1, the installation of rack ningbo precision machinery processing factory be considered according to the size of the variable program controller, frame or the installation of the circuit board can be simple may also be a complex work. Because most of the controller are both open shell or partly closed design, so the choice of the appropriate controller shell is assumed to the needs of the common application. The most part is the shell of NEMA12 model. Could also provide a controller is not exposed to the casing external dust in the environment of the operation. Most of the frame can be embedded with good panel style, also can be embedded in the 19 inch rack into the plate. The controller is a won't change, because they are standard embedded board design. Frame Mosaic is commonly used in equipment be installed in and the operator's control room, or used for other control aspects of the environment. This installation method is very widely applied to be installed in a lot of equipment and programmable controller can work well together. On the other hand, the wires must be with the frame through a catheter ( Through business) Connection, it can provide a separate into and out of about 100 to 200 input, output, main points of sensors and actuators have to lead to the outside world. In this respect it is important to carefully design and installation, because it will significantly affect the behind the repair and maintenance of the system. A good shop will sell tie wire with labels, and wear a conductor when the size of the catheter. So in addition to convenient to give any requirement. To repair, but also make the configuration much accessories and modified easily. 2, power supply and grounding ningbo precision machinery processing factory for programmable controller is a good power supply is very important. The current system power configuration can be obtained from many ways. In fact, they all are designed to be used for single power supply system, and now they are in the most also provides alternative in dc operation ability. Ac power voltage supply is designed to be used to provide a point, such as 230 v, 115 v ac voltage in the safety installation requires good power supply and ground connection. Some design of the programmable controller from the frame to the surface of metal anode and other system components between separate grounding, so in the electrical installation, system grounding of electrical connections must be careful. Ningbo precision machinery processing factory in general applications, generally requiring a 24 v or 120 v direct current (dc). This in not alternating current of electrical installation is very common, such as in the previous generation of electrical configuration. And communication is not reliable, and the power control is also considered unacceptable situation.
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