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Precision machinery processing factory, ensure the export production process

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-15
No matter what product problem, must be in production for too long the seeds, so is a precision parts processing products. Recently, many medical equipment product exports the European and American countries refuse, give, including ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, some pressure on the supplier, ningbo precision machining the reputation of the industry have also been affected. In the production of precision parts processing, there are a lot of link is it possible to guarantee is to pay attention to is not a problem, some vendors got the foreign orders for thinking about how to control costs, also good is not a fool, but overseas customers they have strict testing access standards, now in their prevention mark out of the question, product rejection is not surprising. Such as precision machinery parts processing factory produced a lot of ningbo mask machine export, foreign production strictly follow the mask: - melt-blown cloth - The machine production - - Dust-free workshop - - Electrostatic treatment - - Eliminate bacteria - - The final packaging - - Certification program, now many domestic mask manufacturers can do such standard, this is the gap between domestic manufacturing and abroad. May be due to the need of the epidemic prevention and control, the relevant domestic part in the very period allowed some precision parts processing suppliers involved in medical much-needed supplies production, reduces the part of the standard, let more ordinary people can be in urgent need of protection materials. Ningbo precision machining expert points out, but this method may not apply to overseas market!
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