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Precision machinery processing factory: complex parts precision forging forming technology and key equipment

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-18
Ningbo precision machinery processing factory: complex parts precision forging forming technology and key equipment of ningbo precision machinery processing factory machining precision plastic forming is one of the main content of the advanced manufacturing technology, improve the utilization rate of materials for manufacturing industry, energy conservation and emissions reduction has important significance. According to the forging industry association published from 2003 to 2004 in forging industry development guide, the future of the core index as: forging material consumption reduced by 15%, the rejection rate decreased by 90%; Die life prolong 10 times than it is now, single mould cost decreased by 50%; Forging costs by 60% on average. Japan as forging superpower in the world, with an annual output of 700000 t of precision forging, the precision forging is accounted for 37% of total die forgings, every car precision cold forging 79 varieties, weighed 56 kg. In system still maintain its leading position in the process of globalization, Japan 25 years forging technology development strategy in the future was put forward, and its main target is to realize the parts of lightweight, complex shape, high precision and rate of net shape, and environmental protection, material utilization and the development of more than 90% of the net shape forging and no environment pollution. Ningbo precision machinery processing factory at present, our country in the aspect of precision plastic forming unsolved problem is that the low level of precision forging process and forging quality is not stable, rejection rate was 2% ~ 3%, dimensional accuracy and surface quality is poor, high energy consumption; Die forgings only accounted for 60% of total sugar, and precision forgings and accounts for only 6% of die forgings; Precision die forging equipment mainly rely on import, and low die life of technical problems to be solved. Therefore, ningbo precision machinery processing factory to choose automobile gear, engine valve, airbag gas generator gland and shell, quiet air conditioning compressor piston and the piston body, gun machine XiaTi production machinery and sucker rod are bedding face such as wide range of complex parts, studies the closed net cold precision forging forming technology, hot forging close/net, forging forming process numerical simulation, the forming process of precision forging die, CNC precision forging hydraulic press and CNC electric screw press, successfully realized industrialization development, achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.
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