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Precision machinery processing enterprises, and the control input cases

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-10
Wuhan white soldiers began to retreat, the domestic has reached a turning point of the outbreak, the ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer give a sigh of relief. Both employees in hubei, and hubei client, are looking forward to the day of the end. However, the input of foreign cases has been becoming the current one of the biggest risks, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises in the international market under pressure. Our precision parts processing orders, a large part of all come from foreign customers purchasing. Now many countries have become the focus of the new champions league outbreak areas, also let ningbo worried precision machinery processing enterprises. If the outbreak of the country for a while, and foreign orders for sure will stagnation, this blow is too big for us. Of course, more importantly, many customers to negotiate for a long time, waiting for us is preparing to return to work after rehabilitation to ningbo factory inspection precision machinery processing enterprises. Is now in serious trouble, is to visit the factory, but now in ningbo engaged in business activities, also must first isolate 14 days, for many customers. At present, it should be no compromise, the customer must visit ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer's idea, can only temporarily put a put first. As for our factory precision parts processing the video has been sent in the past, online report is just a channel, must offline confirmation, it can remove this wave, such as waterproof outside input!
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