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Precision machinery parts processing when the need to pay attention to?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-01
CNC lathe is a kind of commonly used precision machinery parts processing, CNC lathe processing materials are often used for free-cutting steel and copper, free cutting steel with high sulfur and phosphorus P S of the material, sulfur and manganese in manganese sulfide in steel form, and manganese sulfide played the role of lubrication in steel, make it easier for steel cutting, so as to improve the production progress of the lathe. The precision machinery parts processing need to pay attention to what? 1, looking for positive artifacts: only allowed with planks chuck or open the find is low speed, are not allowed to be open to find is at a high speed. 2, change the direction of spindle: to stop the spindle before, are not allowed to change suddenly turning direction. 3, loading and unloading chuck: turn the v-belt drive spindle shall use only hand back turned, absolutely forbidden to start the machine tool directly forced to loosen or tighten. Want to on the bed mat board, at the same time to prevent an accident. 4, cutting tool installation: should not be stretched out too long, gasket to those points, width and bottom width. In 5, metal parts processing, are not allowed to drive the car to brake of spindle. 6, back wheel turret lathe: ( 1) No processing bending, surface coarse MAO bar. ( 2) When loading to head alignment chuck hole, gently into, prohibit disorderly upset knock. 7, program-controlled turns on lathe: according to the needs of precision metal parts processing technology about worker program spindle speed, the tool post feed, rest trajectory and primary of the project such as continuous offside. Put electrical knob at 'adjustment' location test, after confirm no problem, then electric cyclones are working in the automatic or semi-automatic. Through the above small make up to precision machinery parts processing need to be aware of what content you can see, the points for attention during the processing of very much, so we usually operation must be strictly in accordance with these guidelines. Focus on RMB, we will update for you on a regular basis about the relevant contents of precision machinery parts processing, yuan is a professional engaged in precision machinery parts processing, non-standard automatic machine parts, machining tooling fixture design development and production of specialized companies, if necessary, welcome to contact us.
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