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Precision machinery parts processing technology (including what?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-01
Precision machinery parts processing of ultra-high speed machining technology is an important part of the precision machining technology, because of the high precision machining needs accurate standard of small error, so you need to machine tool processing and superhard materials, to solve these problems. Through improve the ability of the high precision machine tool, to solve the material cutting speed and so on. So what is the ultra-high speed machining skills? Let's look at the detail below: ultra-high speed machining skills refers to is made of super hard material cutting, after cutting speed and feed speed greatly progress for progress material removal rate and machining precision and machining quality of modern processing skills. Ultra-high speed machining cutting speed limited differences due to the differences of workpiece materials, cutting method. At present, the common thought, ultra high speed cutting of various kinds of data of cutting speed limits are: aluminum alloy has surpassed 1600 m/min, the cast iron of 1500 m/min, the heat resistance of nickel alloy of 300 m/min, titanium alloy, 150 ~ 1000 m/min, fiber reinforced plastic is 2000 ~ 9000 m/min. All kinds of cutting process of cutting speed limits for: turning 700 ~ 7000 m/min, milling 300 ~ 6000 m/min, drilling 200 ~ 1100 m/min, grinding above 250 m/s, and so on. Ultra-high speed machining skills first including: high-speed cutting and grinding mechanism for discussion, ultra high speed spindle unit manufacturing skills, ultra high speed feed unit manufacturing skills, ultra high speed machining tool and abrasive manufacturing skills, ultra-high speed machining skills such as active online detection and moderation. Ultrafine processing refers to the size of the processed parts precision was higher than 0. 1 microns, appearance coarse degree of Ra is less than 025 microns, and the resolution of machine tool positioning accuracy and repeatability is higher than 0. 01 microns processing skills, also called the sub-micron processing skills, and to the nanometer level processing skills. Hyperfine processing skills first everything: ultra-fine processing, the mechanism of ultrafine processing equipment manufacturing skills, hyperfine processing things and sharpening skills seminar, hyperfine measuring skills and error compensation for discussion, hyperfine processing task is the premise for discussion. The above is the range of precision machinery parts processing technology, hope you can help to you!
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