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Precision machinery parts processing manufacturer sharing: to pay attention to matters of mechanical parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-04
Mechanical parts processing when should pay attention to matters today by ningbo precision machining manufacturer small make up for all to share. Processing of many considerations before we all want to know, to avoid in the later processing when we have a lot of don't understand, after clear understanding can better help us work, reduce the failure problems, ensure the quality of your goods, all of these are bound up with we need to pay attention to matters, so let's learn about the mechanical parts processing when should pay attention to what matters? 1, mechanical parts processing work before check whether moving parts filling the oil, then start normal and check whether the clutch, brake, and the machine idle running 1 - 3 minutes, mechanical failure operation is strictly prohibited. 2, machinery parts processing maintain correct posture at work, want to have enough spirit to cope with work, such as found ill will leave work soon, and reflect to the leader. Operation must be centred, it is strictly prohibited to gossip, cooperate with each other, the operator do not operate under state of irritability, fatigue, in order to avoid accidents, ensure the operation safety. All employees before entering the work, check your dress is in line with the job requirement. Not allowed to wear slippers, high heels and affecting safety clothing, to keep long hair to wear safety helmet. 3, machinery parts processing mould replacement first shut off the power, press movement, after stop order to start the installation, debugging, mold. Install has been completed, with the hand move the flywheel tried twice and check whether the upper and lower mould symmetry, reasonable, screw whether solid, whether to coil in an appropriate location. 4, must leave machinery and other staff all the workspace, and take the worktable sundry, before starting power to start the machine. 5, machinery parts processing, prohibit to dig its hand deeper into the slider workspace, it is strictly prohibited, leave work pieces by hand. In the punching die, leave work pieces must use the standard tools. If discover to there is abnormal sound or the machine mechanical failure, should immediately shut off the power switch. After machine, by one person and mechanical operation, others may not push in turbine or stamped on the pedal switch board, more will not hand in a mechanical workspace or by hand touch mechanical moving parts. 6, while going off work, should pass spare power supply, and tidy up the positions of the finished product, edge material and sundry etc, to ensure that the work environment clean and safe. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer focus on knowledge sharing more mechanical parts processing. Login details: http://www. henryparts。 com/
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