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Precision machinery parts processing manufacturer share computer gongs machining center positioning base of choice

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-04
Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer share computer gongs machining center positioning base the choice of a, and the choice of benchmark three basic requirements: (1). The selected benchmark should be able to guarantee the accuracy of the workpiece positioning loading and unloading of convenient and reliable. ②。 The selected benchmark and the machining parts of the size of the simple calculation. ③。 Ensure machining accuracy. Second, the artifacts in the best position of the clamping machine workbench: workpiece clamping position shall ensure that the workpiece within the scope of the processing schedule of each axis machine tool, and as far as possible, shorten the length of the cutting tool, improve the rigid tool. Three, choose locating datum six principles: (1), try to choose design benchmark as the locating datum; (2), positioning datum and the design datum can't unity, should strictly control the positioning error to ensure machining accuracy; (3), to two above the clamping workpiece processing, the selected benchmark in a clamping positioning to complete all the key parts of the processing precision. (4), the selected benchmark to make sure they do as much as possible of processing content; (5), batch processing, parts positioning base should be as much as possible and establish workpiece coordinate system of cutter benchmark; 6, need multiple clamping, before and after the benchmark should be unified.
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