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by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-03
Since reform and opening up, the CNC parts processing enterprises in ningbo has a lot of, any industrial park without such companies. As the general precision parts processing in various industries, and with precision machining as testing the feasibility of the products has become a trend. Guangdong is the place that CNC processing industry started early, so most of the products customers will choose this way of nc parts processing factory cooperation. Today there is a miss Chen in online search CNC processing factory, see the ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer. On the website, see after the evaluation of the strength of the company and then contact customer service. Customer service and miss Chen do a simple understanding, let her contact with technology department directly. Miss Chen want to first take a look at ningbo company previous case beforehand, before deciding to place an order, this kind of mood we also understand it. Because she also looked for other CNC processing factory, but she was not satisfied. So we took her to visit the CNC parts processing factory, look at how to make the model of ningbo company. In detail later, miss Chen was satisfied, more than 50 teams, dozens of sets of high precision equipment, five axis machine, precision up to + / - 0. 3 mm, CNC machine tools, 3 d printers, which highlights the ningbo supplier. After miss Chen under the single. Ten days later, the customer has received the ningbo company sending a precision parts processing products, look from the exterior, or more beautiful; After testing, the accuracy can achieve the result that she wants. If you are looking for CNC processing factory in guangdong, that is to try our ningbo company, many cities in China have served our customers, quality trustworthy, might have a surprise!
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